Sister Carol performing at Lost On Main, 2013.

Sister Carol – Lost On Main 2013

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Sister Carol performing at Lost on Main, Chico, CA - 2013
Sister Carol coming right atcha!

Reggae music was wafting through the air all night when Sister Carol performed at Lost on Main in 2013. Charles and Stay Positive Sounds brought reggae music to downtown Chico as part of their commitment to reggae music. Sister Carol opened for Mykal Rose in a night full of groovin’ reggae music.

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Born in Kingston, Jamaica, she moved as a teen with her family to Brooklyn, NY. She first toured with The Meditations after winning awards locally and in Jamaica. She released her first album, Liberation for Africa in 1983. Source: Wiki-page

Sister Carol

Post show impromptu portrait at the Merch Booth

Sister Carol posing for an ambient light portrait at the Merch booth after her set, 2013.
Sister Carol kindly posed after her set.



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