Chico Music Calendar (CMC) delayed the site restart just a bit to get ahead of new (to Curt) web image format: Webp. This new image format offers much better image optimization (reducing image size, speeding page loads) for the web than the current web standard, JPG.

And Google wants website owners to convert images to the Webp format to speed page loads, so we should. The information available on Webp states that Webp images provde high quality image viewing. And the big G gets what it wants if you are interested in keeping your website at the top of the search results page.

After testing one plugin, and writing in a support forum for assistance, I attempted to utilize another plugin which is now working after proper configuration.

So, now Webp images are now displaying for able devices (Chrome, Opera, etc) with jpeg as the fallback format. My understanding of the workings of Webp is that the image extenstion will still show jpg as the browser is only seeking the image format to display.

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